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Adrián BC (unknown) replied to @adrian_ttc :
Adrián BC (unknown) retweeted @ZaryJavi :

RT @ZaryJavi: @adrian_ttc ✌️🇦🇷😉😁 saludos

adrian (unknown) retweeted @dylangardner :

RT @dylangardner: This weekend consists of me painting a house and daydreaming. This picture is #nofilter 💫☄️

Adrián BC (unknown) retweeted @Weinbach :

RT @Weinbach: It’s going to be a great day.

Adrián BC (unknown) tweeted :


RT @WhistleSports: Advanced soccer training techniques 😂👌 via: @strkrfc

Adrián BC (unknown) tweeted :

Holiiiiiiiii 😘