All deleted tweets from politicians

@NZGreens MP for Auckland Central. Another bloody millennial on the social medias. “Hopelessly woke” - Hosking #AuthorisedBy Gwen Shaw, 17 Garrett St, WLG

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RT @DanPriceSeattle: If trickle-down economics worked, we wouldn’t see a record $1 trillion in wealth gains for billionaires at the same time as record wait times at food banks.

RT @frankieboyle: RT @frankieboyle: That kids have got to take time out of their childhoods to explain climate science to us should be a matter of profound s…

RT @lightyouonfire: The bereaved and survivors of the Christchurch terrorist attack will need flexible, bespoke help for years to deal with lives changed, drastically, forever. At the moment they’re not always getting that.…

RT @JulieAnneGenter: It really doesn’t seem like the person who wrote this tweet read the article... or listened to the interview, where I literally say “I really hear what @_chloeswarbrick is saying”🤷🏻‍♀️

RT @RobbieNicol: RT @RobbieNicol: Looking forward to house prices coming down any day now.

RT @teanau_tuiono: Agree. Dolly Parton is an icon she gave us working class anthem ‘9 to 5’, helped produce Buffy the Vampire Slayer, supports Black Lives Matter, and has been funding Covid-19 vaccine research.

RT @cal_mcm: Woah! Third reading of the Election Access Fund Bill was a cool moment, thanks @mojomathers and @_chloeswarbrick! It only took me two arguments with staff to be let into the public gallery with dark blind-boy sunglasses 🤣

RT @mhdksafa: If a person works full-time hours but still needs welfare, housing benefit and food stamps to make ends meet, then they aren't the takers, it's their exploitative employers who are getting the government handouts.

RT @robellcampbin: Today in the @NZGreens office we have doughnuts. And we insist sick staff stay home. If that's the kind of workplace you want, we're hiring a press secretary and Māori specialist press secretary…