All deleted tweets from politicians

@NZGreens MP based in Auckland Central. Another bloody millennial on the social medias. #AuthorisedBy Chlöe Swarbrick, Parliament Buildings, WLG

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RT @artskurka: This is Tauranga, New Zealand. The rain is pouring, but thousands of people are striking for climate justice. @GretaThunberg @ss4cnz #ss4cnz #ClimateStrike #ClimateStrikenz @350nz

RT @The312Hub: CALLOUT FOR THOSE WHO NEED SHELTER: We can sleep 15 people during the lock down. We don't have a shower but it is somewhere for anyone needing shelter, some place warm, appropriate for families w kids. There is art supplies for days too. Location: Onehunga, Akl.

RT @WriterCTaylor: @_chloeswarbrick @golrizghahraman I’m an ex police officer of 17 years and I support what the greens are proposing. The waste of time and resources policing cannabis is mind boggling. The medicinal possibilities far outweigh National’s concern because they are in the pocket of big pharma.

@richardhills777 @dewithiel @billbennettnz @AklCouncil @phil_goff The @NZGreens are working to get it implemented at Environment Select Committee (I’m our member on it).

RT @therealLukenz: RT @therealLukenz: Super excited to work with @_chloeswarbrick at #ImpactSummit later today!

RT @krreninauckland: didn't realise @_chloeswarbrick was interviewing the venerable margaret on stage in auckland tomorrow. i'm even more pumped now if that was possible

RT @drvox: I've always wished people could more clearly see pollution as an economic & justice issue, about distributing costs & benefits, just like taxes or health care. Allowing companies to pollute is a straightforward transfer of wealth from the public to shareholders.

RT @drvox: Here's a tip: when powerful people focus on "innovation" & new technologies for climate change, what they're really seeking are tech solutions that don't threaten their power. We have plenty of techs to reduce emissions. They're underused b/c they threaten the powerful.

RT @HeraLindsayBird: RT @HeraLindsayBird: Florence Welch picked my books for her @BetweenTwoBooks book club and I'm happy about it

@TechKiwiGadgets @publicaddress @SevenSharp It’s genuinely just old school journalistic integrity and robust reporting.