All deleted tweets from politicians

National Party MP for Pakuranga Authorised by Simeon Brown, 120 Pakuranga Road, Auckland

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Simeon Brown (unknown) tweeted :

Another dangerous criminal on the run in Auckland. This time the prisoner was given compassionate leave for a gang funeral where they openly flouted the COVID-19 gathering limits.…

Simeon Brown (unknown) tweeted :

Again we have been told one thing about what is happening at our border but the reality is the exact opposite.

RT @PronouncedHare: DO: Read The Guardian to find out about how Jacinda Ardern is showing the world the future - and it works. DO NOT: Read the Wall Street Journal about the downsides of mass unemployed, destruction of the small business sector and cratering productivity.

Simeon Brown (unknown) tweeted :

‘Let’s keep moving’ #LightFail

RT @PronouncedHare: RT @PronouncedHare: So next question: if Woodhouse hadn’t raised things in the way he did, would we ever have found out the truth of the ma…

RT @MatthewHootonNZ: Why are the hospitals still basically closed and why does the government keep missing its deadlines to outline the criteria for when they can re-open for non-emergency care? Forget long-term trade offs: people will be dying now because they remain closed. #COVID19nz #nzlockdown

RT @darrengrimes_: To those stocking supermarket shelves at breakneck speed, thank you. To those delivering that food, thank you. To those producing ventilators and sanitiser, thank you. To those those caring for our infected and old, thank you. To those working on medicine, thank you. Heroes.

RT @damianlight: I hope this is true @phil_goff but your proposed budget clearly shows delays and deferrals. Is the information we've been provided incorrect or misleading?