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RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: RT @NDPHoC_NPDCdC: Les députés du #NPD se préparent pour le marathon #omnivote sur #C38 qui débute cet après-midi.

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RT @parismarx: RT @parismarx: Microbeads are now banned in Canada! ◽◽◽◽…

RT @VeldonCoburn: This is an exquisite piece of colonial voyeurism. With great eloquence, the author manages to adeptly reproduce the 19th century imperial consciousness found in the settler travel literature of the colonies. The writing brings all the hallmarks of the white supremacy of the West.…

RT @polesasunder: I come from a part of the world where we love to trap wildlife and sell them for $$$. At our wet markets, crowds come to select the living wild animal that they want to take home and eat. Just that nobody talks like this because we're white and the animals are lobster

Never has a gif response meant so much to me. ❤️◽

RT @henderstu: RT @henderstu: too many people on this zoom man

RT @StephSardelis: RT @StephSardelis: Neato! @Drew_Lab @samoester @IMCC2016 If you're going to #IMCC4 come out to our focus group on women in science! https:/…

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