All deleted tweets from politicians

Labour List MP based in Rodney. Class of '17. Mix 🇳🇿🌷🇲🇨 LLB. #solidarity RTs/❤️s not necessarily endorsements. Authorised by Marja Lubeck, Parl Bldgs WGTN

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@simonjbridges @NZNationalParty It was in fact the previous Nat Govt that increased the Crown’s revenue take from petrol by 24 cents. This included 17 cents more petrol excise plus extra tax from the National’s increase to GST.

RT @simonjbridges: New Zealanders are being fleeced at the petrol pump. The reality is that the biggest fleecer is Jacinda Ardern's Governm…

RT @nzlabour: Our Mana in Mahi: Strength in Work programme is helping thousands of young Kiwis into apprenticeships and training. Today, we…

Marja Lubeck (unknown) tweeted :

Lovely to see the celebration of #CookIslandsLanguageWeek

@sootytweet Just to let you know that advance directives are not part of the Bill.

RT @MarjaLubeck: A pretty good start! From creating jobs, protecting our environment, fixing hospitals, making homes healthy, warm, and aff…

@NZNationalParty @DrShaneRetiMP The vocational education system simply isn’t working well enough, not for the students and not for the businesses that need trained staff. The future of work is rapidly changing and we can’t just sit back and watch things go backwards. We have seen that happen for nine years.

Marja Lubeck (unknown) tweeted :

Sometimes you just have to call it when you see it. Avoiding use of that non-parliamentary word you had in mind😁