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Kiri Allan

Single malt, rugby, fishing, law, politics. ENTJ. MP, Labour Party. Authorised by Kiri Allan, 542 Gladstone Road, Gisborne.

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Kiri Allan (unknown) tweeted :

No one @ me with spoilers... or feel the wrath of my Targaryen fire 🔥 🐉 #GameOfThornes

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RT @acgeddis: Sure, it's SponCon ... but this profile of @OtagoLaw graduate (and generally all-round "kick-ass wahine toa") Natalie Coates…

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Ah ha. So, I forgot about these wee shakes happens fair but here in Wellington. #EQNZ

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- Kerry - Kirra - Keri - Kiritipu - Kiritapo *Allen / Ellen / Alan

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Our young people took leadership of our environment today. I was proud to witness our Prime Minister acknowledge them & reiterate that climate change is our generation’s nuclear moment. My joy has been somewhat subdued this afternoon learning of events unfolding in Christchurch.

Kiri Allan (unknown) tweeted :

Nat’s cry wolf again. The East Coast has received $210m to date & the reason for that isn’t b/c Matua Shane @mangonui08 is trying to buy my electorate. IT’S COZ EAST COAST & NORTHLAND ARE REGIONS THAT HAVE BEEN NEGLECTED BY THE LAST LOT & NEED INVESTMENT.

Kiri Allan (unknown) replied to @KiriAllan :

@kaupapamaori @MaikiSherman @GinaRangi I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t get down w her stories that slam our govt most nights but have to give Māori journalists working in MSM credit for bringing a kaupapa lense to issues day in and day out.

@kaupapamaori @MaikiSherman @GinaRangi “Should Iwi Māori be exempt from a potential Capital Gains Tax? I spoke with Sir Michael Cullen who largely agrees that they should.” What’s the bit that “reinforces dominant racist views of our place as Māori”?

RT @lindaclark1: @NZNationalParty Thanks so much. Policy is complicated. I needed a man to help me understand it. #didyouactuallypayforthis?