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James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

The battle is being won. Science, consistent selfless acts (masking & distancing) and private-sector led vaccine mandates are the causes.…

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

You paint a vivid picture of what’s going on

James Moore (unknown) replied to @Seahawks :

@Seahawks 3-8. You’re not spending much time in the end zones. Paint then whatever you like.

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

New Coronavirus Variant a ‘Serious Concern’ in South Africa…

James Moore (unknown) tweeted :

If Canada doesn’t follow suit immediately, all the rhetoric and self-righteousness about governing from science and “evidence-based governing” and deliverology will have been nothing but a cheap skit.

RT @BBCNewsnight: “Let’s hope it's a storm in a teacup… but it looks bad.” Discussing the new Covid variant, @imperialcollege Prof @Daltmann10 says that if we don’t take Omicron seriously “we could pay a price for years to come” MORE: #Newsnight | @FaisalIslam

James Moore (unknown) retweeted @GGCanada :

RT @GGCanada: “From dance to song, from stage to screen, each laureate shows how a variety of language, heritage and philosophy is our strength.” - Mary Simon, Governor General of Canada #GGSimon #GGAwards

James Moore (unknown) retweeted @acoyne :

RT @acoyne: RT @acoyne: If only the leader of the free world 2016-2020 hadn’t been in cahoots with one and a fan of the other.

James Moore (unknown) retweeted @CPAC_TV :

RT @CPAC_TV: The House of Commons has unanimously adopted a motion by Conservative MP Rob Moore to pass C-4, the government’s bill to ban conversion therapy in Canada, through all stages without amendment. #cdnpoli