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RT @ChairBRV: Courage and strength in #Cudgewa as the community spoke about supporting each other on the challenging road ahead #Vicfires

RT @ChairBRV: How do we as leaders work with communities to rebuild stronger and better? My question to the @AVCLP #bushfireleadership forum today.

RT @ChairBRV: 800 lunch packs a day, doors open 24/7, on-hand for a friendly chat to all the responders - Great to chat to Mandy from the @Tallangatta Bakery about the community’s heartwarming response to #Vicfires

RT @kzpodreka: @CoraltRoss @Indigocathy @ShaunLeaneMP @VicCouncils @DanielAndrewsMP @GabbyWilliamsMP I'm genuinely curious why you think this is the case. Council elections are conducted by mail aren't they? Everyone will receive ballots as usual, is able to post them as usual. What interruptions to the usual process do you anticipate that cannot be overcome?

RT @LaTrobeAW: "My role is to help guide potential students to achieve their goals by finding the best course for them." Mid year enrolments are still open, to find out more about studying with us, book a consolation with our Assistant Course Consultant Jessica

RT @MargaretSimons: RT @MargaretSimons: So when do these guys get their gong?

RT @BelindaTemby: @Indigocathy #youthworkmatters for our young people and the whole community. We've asked @GayleTierney to please make youth work one of the 30 free TAFE courses announced in the Victorian budget #vicyouth #springst #TAFE We are a youth centre in Indi.

RT @helenhainesindi: Big win for forestry sector with long-awaited support announced today. I've worked closely with forestry employers & Gov for 6 months, since the fires hit. Good news is better late than never. Indi's 900 forestry workers need this money in their pockets asap. #indi #forestry

RT @claireo_booth: RT @claireo_booth: Got a mobile black spot? Want to get it fixed? Do this (report it for priority ranking) before 19 June…

RT @grannysmithfood: .@DarrenChesterMP @Indigocathy @billtilleymla China high speed trains = 10000km Aust = 0km Always reasons we can't. Time to just do it.