All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @backt0nature: RT @backt0nature: Trying to impress cats and failing is universal

RT @dougjonesnl: RT @dougjonesnl: Bit of pack ice in Conception Bay #nlwx

RT @KyleGreenham: Upon my return, the Sebastian Sails has begun its plunge sinking into the water. A fuel containment parameter is in place for leaking fuel.

RT @KyleGreenham: RT @KyleGreenham: #BREAKING Long liner caught fire at Twillingate fish plant.

RT @AbundanceAdam: Hey @RosieBarton, I was looking through your timeline. Did you know that our prime minister is involved a $900 million scandal and is being investigated by the ethics commissioner AGAIN? I didn’t see any mention of it in your timeline, so thought maybe you didn’t know?

RT @coffeeshopjihad: My neighborhood sent out an email telling us that our kids can’t color on the pavement or sidewalks with chalk. And they’re sorry the kids are bored, but this is a neighborhood rule. What the actual fuck?

RT @JamesHu94283365: RT @JamesHu94283365: Check out this 327 pound Halibut caught in Alaska. ◽

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RT @TelyDeb: RT @TelyDeb: Reports of bulk carrier in distress near Terra Nova oilfield | The Telegram…

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RT @TelyDeb: RT @TelyDeb: A beautiful day in Bonavista for caplin | The Telegram…