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Former Derby North MP and City Council Leader | Now focusing on building a grassroots, anti-imperialist working class movement

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RT @Drilly4Mayor: New from @MinisterDrill ⬇️ After meeting @streetskitchen Mr DM takes DOWN the Tories over #homelessness & rough sleeping 'We need to OCCUPY empty buildings this winter to save lives' The best call to action you'll hear #Drilly4Mayor #Vote4Drilly #PoliticiansKill WATCH & SHARE

RT @DerbyChrisW: Your immense generosity helped me surpass my initial crowdfunding target in a matter of hours. We've stretched the target again, because there's still work to do. Here's a brief update on my ongoing legal battle against the EHRC:

RT @georgina09641: @DerbyChrisW Chris don't forget our online public @WorkersPartyGB is available to all from 8pm on Twitter FB and YouTube #Nakba72 #NakbaDay

RT @demarionunn: RT @demarionunn: you are the dancing queen lost her seats, now 317 dancing queen feel that heat from the DUP (oh yeah)

Political incompetence and hubris is killing people. Writing for the @skwawkbox Doctor @KailashChandOBE says: "In the battle to fight the [coronavirus] pandemic, Boris Johnson did almost everything wrong." Read his full article here:…

RT @ClientJournoExp: I think the most disappointing thing about Starmer's capitulation on the CHIS Bill is knowing that during the McLibel trial he represented Helen Steel, a victim of the spycops A case he went on to use in a video for his leadership campaign…

RT @DerbyChrisW: Lance Corporal Ahmed Al-Batati valiantly protested against the UK’s continued support for the onslaught against Yemen. Now, he could be punished. Let’s keep up the pressure in support of Ahmed, who deserves our solidarity. Please also sign this petition:…

RT @graceblakeley: It’s really great to have the support of the architect of a policy that killed 120,000 people and wrecked our NHS and social care services, who went on to earn six figures working for the largest asset manager in the world.

Tune into Resistance TV tomorrow at 7pm when we'll be discussing the govt's post furlough scheme and what's needed to respond to the Covid crisis. Joining me to discuss this issue will be @TheMendozaWoman @joti2gaza @ianhodson @IanBFAWU @SteveHedley3

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