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RT @JonHaidt: .@sapinker exemplifies enlightenment values, progressive values, academic values. Here @evolutionistrue gives a line-by-line refutation of the charges against Pinker in that open letter about his tweets…

RT @smithmarion: It’s time for the US President to visit the free and prosperous country of Taiwan, which is under constant threat by the Chinese Communist Party.…

RT @DanielJHannan: @Madz_Grant Have you considered how badly Atticus Finch meets the standards of our #MeToo age? “Lawyer refuses to #BelieveWomen, defends accused rapist”.

RT @DanielJHannan: @CraigGlasgow2 Not in the context of the whole poem. I’d say it’s about Eliot’s longing for the transcendent - perhaps more specifically for the sense of community that comes from a shared sense of the transcendent - in an age that is losing its religion.

A necessarily stilted and sterlilised communion service this morning, the sign of peace replaced by those stiff nods that English people find more comfortable anyway. It finally feels as though the hibernation is over.

RT @Onkayaks: “And each man, as Oscar Wilde tells us, kills the thing he loves. The coward does it with a kiss, the brave man with a sword.”… @TheCriticMag

Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :


Daniel Hannan (unknown) tweeted :

His victory inspired Mancherjee Bhownaggree, who was elected in 1885 - as a Conservative. Those were the days: when the Tories held Bethnal Green!

RT @andrew_lilico: RT @andrew_lilico: Indeed so. Though 51 years after the 1st non-white MPs were elected in 1841 (there were 2 of them).…

RT @andrew_lilico: One, David Dyce Sombre, was an exceptionally exotic character. He was adopted by & named heir of the famous Begum Samru, but the British wldn't accept his ruling Sardhana. He came to the UK, became an MP, was deposed, certified insane by his wife after a row & died of septic foot