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MP for Hotham & Shadow Minister for Aged Care Services and Senior Australians

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Govt promised all aged care workers and residents would be vaccinated by Easter. We’re now in late July. They still have gaps in vaccinating all nursing home residents and a whopping 57% of residential aged care workers are still waiting for their first jab.

Clare O'Neil MP (unknown) tweeted :

In their awfully botched vaccine rollout the Morrison Government seem to have negligently missed a HUGE number of our older citizens who receive aged care services. (This is a long one so stick with me) 👇👇👇

But what is super concerning is the complacency and radio silence from the Morrison Government on the almost 1 million older Australians who receive care at home.

By the very definition of needing support at home these Australians are precisely the ones we should be most vigilant about because they are frailer than most. Many aren’t mobile and often face challenges getting out and about - for example to a vaccination hub or to the GP.

Take a second to imagine how those older Australians are feeling right now, with a highly infectious strain of Covid-19 on the loose again in various parts of the country.   Many are feeling incredibly nervous about the next few weeks and months.

Many of them would rely on services like Meals On Wheels deliveries, regular in-person deliveries of prescription medication, a cleaner and specialist care. Many of them require the type of care & support that involves multiple outsiders coming into their home.

And many are wondering how, when and where they get their Covid-19 vaccinations - because quite a lot of them will have issues trying to book an appointment and then trouble travelling to it to get their jab.

They assumed, quite sensibly, that the Government would have something in mind for them to make it easier (but they don't!).

And they’ll also be wondering whether the dedicated workers and volunteers who look after them, who literally come into their homes, will be vaccinated as well. Because these workers and volunteers go in and out of these frail older Australians’ houses all the time.

This is the problem - the Morrison Govt seems to have no idea how many of the almost 1 million older Australians receiving care in their own homes are vaccinated. And they have no idea how many of the workers and volunteers who provide them with care are vaccinated either.