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Chris Penk (unknown) retweeted @alex_penk :

RT @alex_penk: RT @alex_penk: Listening to The Offspring so I don’t have to listen to the offspring.

Chris Penk (unknown) retweeted @alex_penk :

RT @alex_penk: I look forward to my 7 year-old being consulted on policy. His main concerns are defence (we should build squadrons of TIE fighters) and infrastructure (most of the Govt's budget devoted to Lego). #nzpol…

RT @damienmgrant: RT @damienmgrant: Twitter. Explained.

RT @damienmgrant: RT @damienmgrant: Al Gore, polar bears, and me. @NZStuff…

RT @JesseMulligan: RT @JesseMulligan: I'm looking for an expert for a radio feature. Who knows more about Star Wars than any other New Zealander?

RT @PronouncedHare: Who were these mysterious island peoples? And why does their literature reveal such an enduring preoccupation with how they were perceived by visitors from other lands?

RT @PronouncedHare: RT @PronouncedHare: I have no desire to own the libs. From a tax perspective, leasing the libs makes a lot more sense.

RT @PronouncedHare: Devastating news for the NZ Twitter bros who just an hour ago were tweeting that such a move would be Trumpian racism.

Chris Penk (unknown) retweeted @Anna_bw :

RT @Anna_bw: RT @Anna_bw: Govt has paid out Derek Handley $107,500, is 'rethinking' CTO role. CTO stands for ClusTerOops