All deleted tweets from politicians

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Chris Penk (unknown) retweeted @NZFinMin :

RT @NZFinMin: Pleased to confirm at speech today the government will again meet all Budget Responsibility Rules at this years Budget, incl…

RT @iileightonii: Thanks for helping me reach 25 followers! Who else do you think should be following me?

RT @ChrisPenknz: Enjoying the casting of votes by @TickClayton in creative manner tonight in @NZParliament. Plenty of synonyms for “agains…

RT @Zagzigger2: Whateve happen, we must keep thesr people out of our prison system and contributing to the community😊…

Chris Penk (unknown) tweeted :

Really? How convenient.

Chris Penk (unknown) tweeted :

Couldn’t be prouder of my people. Is this the most ANZAC services going ahead in any NZ electorate, I wonder?

RT @Malcolm__Wright: Only in New Zealand ... “Woman in sheep onesie takes part in ram raid”…

RT @AotearoaAlec: @ChrisPenknz You're welcome. I get what you mean about distraction. I used to just crastinate, but Twitter turned me pro.

Chris Penk (unknown) retweeted @Birbkamp :
Chris Penk (unknown) retweeted @acgeddis :

RT @acgeddis: Look at @ChrisPenknz showing off his constitutional law chops in the Committee debate on the party-hopping bill! Rest assured…