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RT @AndrewPerryNZ: I took this photo 2 years ago almost to the day. The letters are from tenants to @grantrobertson1 after he promised to solve the Wellington rental crisis of 2018. Thanks for resolving this issue Grant

RT @PronouncedHare: Questions of pure principle aside, the inhuman nature of bureaucracy will push people into the lower cost option. Its an extremely legitimate fear borne out by experience overseas.

RT @Coltheman1:… Only a couple of weeks ago Ardern was screaming in the house how her government had put a stop to selling off state houses.

RT @MoniquePoirier_: RT @MoniquePoirier_: Hey Grant, how’s Kiwibuild and light rail going?

RT @MoniquePoirier_: RT @MoniquePoirier_: Well that’s a bit awkward.

RT @PronouncedHare: I wrote this on the plane today and I talked about it a bit on the Panel and in my livestream. But here’s the thing: so far Collins is really nailing it.…

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RT @JordNZ: @phil_goff Errr Phil, the action isn’t withdrawn silly. The main action is still proceeding, the only thing withdrawn is the urgent application.

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RT @JordNZ: RT @JordNZ: Porky is not a troll. He’s a mascot.…

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RT @JordNZ: RT @JordNZ: In other news, Hagar has a book coming out. Source is a ‘concerned insider’ apparently...…