All deleted tweets from politicians

Canada’s Official Opposition, led by @AndrewScheer. Pour le français, suivez @PCC_HQ

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RT @AlainRayes: Un mot : wow! Bienvenue dans l’équipe du @PCC_HQ Dany Sévigny! Nous avons une très grosse pointure dans Sherbrooke! Grand e…

Today @AndrewScheer put forward the most comprehensive environment plan ever put forward by a political party in Canada.

This is our plan - a real plan - to protect our environment. Learn more here: #ARealPlan

RT @AndrewScheer: Start the countdown: June 19, A Real Plan to Protect Our Environment.

RT @AndrewScheer: I’m so excited to share this plan with you. Our plan will lower emissions and conserve our natural world environment, all…

We are fighting Justin Trudeau’s out-of-control spending and tax hikes every step of the way. We believe in lowering taxes so families have more money to spend at the end of every month. Sign here if you’re with us : #cdnpoli

RT @AndrewScheer: Under circumstances we can hardly imagine, thousands of Canadians soldiers stormed Juno Beach. Today, we remember with pr…

Welcome Mark DeMontis to the Conservative Team! RETWEET the good news! #cdnpoli

Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax isn’t a plan to lower emissions, it’s just a plan to raise taxes.