All deleted tweets from politicians

MP Maafannu Medhu dhaairaa ~ Malé city MALDIVIAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY .

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RT @horaibbe: RT @horaibbe: E-commerce ge thereyah raajje hulhuvaalumah nunidhaa thibeves masakkai kuran jehey: ⁦@BondeM4⁩

RT @mjunayd: Human trafficking in Maldives is estimated to be a US$123 million industry, according to a 2011 investigation undertaken by the government. How big is that? It eclipses the second largest fisheries industry (US$46m in 2007) by millions of dollars.

@aafimiaa @ishagshafeeg Badhalu dhimahfahu noonee evves raiyyithehge mudhaleh evves haalatheh gai nahtha eh nuleveyne.

@aafimiaa @ishagshafeeg Badhalu dhimahfahu noonee evves raiyyitheh lge mudhaleh evves haalatheh gai nahtha eh nuleveyne.

Ibrahim Rasheed (unknown) tweeted :

@full_pal Cross-Border Integration ( Tentative Timelines)

RT @HassanZiyau: RT @HassanZiyau: Mi garaar majlis in beyreh nukurey. Tuesday ga member sallam vidhaalhuveema masahkari kuriah nugendhevi othee.