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Senior Advisor. Former Canadian Foreign Minister.

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John Baird (unknown) retweeted @BCrussmo :

RT @BCrussmo: RT @BCrussmo: Excellent interview with Former Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister @Baird…

John Baird (unknown) retweeted @dgardner :

RT @dgardner: @PhilippeLagasse @gmbutts Jim Watson actually said that after it’s built people will say “it’s not so bad.” That should be the city slogan. “Ottawa: not so bad.”

RT @GioBenitez: An @ABC analysis out today estimates Clinton is already poised to win at least 300 electoral votes – even if Trump wins every toss-up state.…

RT @SodaStream_CA: RT @SodaStream_CA: Now you can save up to 2,000 plastic bottles by using your one reusable SodaStream bottle @Baird. ♻️◽ Happy Fizzing! htt…

John Baird (unknown) retweeted @owillis :

RT @owillis: RT @owillis: "Show me the video of Palin endorsing Trump again"

John Baird (unknown) retweeted @awudrick :

RT @awudrick: RT @awudrick: I need one more follower for 2000. Help me out, Twitterati! #cdnpoli

John Baird (unknown) retweeted @awudrick :

RT @awudrick: RT @awudrick: Next week: Ottawa says its proposed "Halloween candy tax" not 'targeting' trick or treaters.…

John Baird (unknown) retweeted @awudrick :

RT @awudrick: Most convos I have with progressives: P: We need X Me: But X will cause Y P: No it won't (X causes Y) P: That's awful, we need to ban Y Me: Banning Y will cause Z P: No it won't. (Y causes Z) P: Ugh. We need to ban Z. Me: Are we seriously still doing this?

John Baird (unknown) retweeted @kyulls :

RT @kyulls: RT @kyulls: Left-wing logic. ◽…

John Baird (unknown) retweeted @Ricciboy :

RT @Ricciboy: RT @Ricciboy: Hey @TonyclementCPC! Just saw your U2 singing on CBC. Are you gonna try out for Canadian Idol now? #cdnpoli