All deleted tweets from politicians

Parliament member of henveiru dhekunu constituency, Deputy leader of MDP parliamentary group, Former board member of Bank of Maldives

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RT @presidencymv: RT @presidencymv: #Livestream President @ibusolih delivers remarks at High Achiever Scholarship award ceremony…

RT @Arttey: @usfasgandumdp Atholhu bandharah beyrun ais boat madu koffa mudhaa baalaafa e sarahahdhu thakuga viyafaari qaaimu koh hingan vee. Male ah baalaa container atholhu bandharah gengos 7000/- bandharah dhakkaafa duty 250,000/- kudakoh dhakkaafa anekkaa Male’ genes vikkan ok eh noon.

RT @HPA_MV: ✳️ COVID-19 Case Updates As of 06:00 PM Confirmed an additional 30 cases of COVID-19 infections in Maldives - 16 Maldivian - 13 Bangladeshis - 01 Nepali Total number of cases: 2,065