All deleted tweets from politicians

Linguiste, néodémocrate, geek, Québécoise et Canadienne. Députée du comté de Louis-St-Laurent 2011-2015 • Member of Parliament for Louis-St-Laurent 2011-2015

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RT @wendywarholdrag: Am I the only one who doesn't get why people are so upset that @ritabagaz expresses herself in French? You may not think she's the best but for as far as I know, French is one of the two official languages of this country and she has all the rights to speak it. #revenezen

RT @wendywarholdrag: [English below] Je n'ai jamais vraiment utilisé ma plateforme pour être politique jusqu'à récemment. Dans les derniers mois, j'ai pris l'initiative de le faire, mais j'ai oublié que je devais travailler sur moi-même avant tout.

RT @wendywarholdrag: RT @wendywarholdrag: Omgggg I'm part of the @doyoutuck family!!! ◽◽◽

RT @wendywarholdrag: RT @wendywarholdrag: This is what online (and RL) bullying can do to you. STOP BEING SO HATEFUL. Spread love or shut the fuck up. ❤️ http…

RT @thequeenpri: RT @thequeenpri: FINAL NIGHT of shows for the @canadasdragrace tour :(

RT @ameliargh: I asked a former Cadbury social media manager what life is like at the ♪ ♫ most diffiiiiiicuuult tiiiime of the year ♬♩…