All deleted tweets from politicians

Parliament Member of Maradhoo Constituency / Chair of Foreign Relations Committee / Public Accounts Committee

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Ibrahim Shareef (unknown) tweeted :

Good morning to you as well. I am free at the moment but will have a busy day today later on

RT @shuibs: Covid Pandemic Lesson 101- Diversify Your Economy and increase food security! Government: Let’s lease more resorts and become more dependent on tourism!

RT @MaradhooSchool: We kindly acknowledge the support given by parents in making students actively involve in learning at home Thank you dear parents! @MoEdumv #maradhooschool #TheSchoolOfExcellence #AdduCity #Maradhoo #StaySafe #StayHome

Ibrahim Shareef (unknown) tweeted :

Raees Nasheed ah hama dhinumakee fidi amaleh . Ekan kan kan luv veri kuran @MohamedNasheed

.. an unsustainable level of public ..debt not sustainable

RT @aishahmoosa: It might not be in ur mandate to associate urselves with everything that happens to ur constituents (especially on Twitter), but this is a great time to be of some use to this family @Roxeyna @AdduShareef @HithadhooNazil @nihad_m. They are kind & good people.

RT @butene10: RT @butene10: @AdduShareef Dhivehi raajjeyga hunnani seedhaa raiyithun hovaa veriyeh, ehen namaves dhauru nimey iru seedha jalah dhaan jehi…

RT @zaheends: @AliWahe47419623 @faya_i @aishath_nahula @mpl @ibusolih @AdduShareef Reefer container v ma pay nukoh ves nuvaane.. aharemen kuri kamakee pay nukuree...varah bodu ehcheh kandaa dhin

Ibrahim Shareef (unknown) tweeted :

Alhugandu ge ekuveri Hon. Hussain Muhammad

Ibrahim Shareef (unknown) tweeted :

...fraught with risk...