All deleted tweets from politicians

Husband, Father, Parliament's Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee (since 2011); 2006-11 Macedonia's MFA; 2000-01 Government Spokesperson

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RT @esenskiy: искуство од вакцинација во Србија: онлајн закажување, 15 минути чекање во ред, нула бирократија, no fuss, no muss. додека да влезам и да излезам од зградата веќе беа вакцинирани 20 души. ѝ посакувам и на Македонија ваков функционален и одговорен систем.

RT @GreekAnalyst: 1. A thread on Greece and how the Syriza government is facilitating vicious anarchists, convicted terrorists, indiscriminate violence and overall lawlessness in the country. If you care about democracy and the rule of law in Europe, please read and share this.

RT @GreekAnalyst: 3. Shortly after getting in power in 2015, Syriza voted the infamous "Paraskevopoulos law" aimed at reducing overcrowding in Greece’s penitentiaries. Under this law, thousands of inmates were allowed to get out of jail early.…

RT @EscherihiaColi: RT @EscherihiaColi: Средни Камен и Крива Шија (Десен Камен) Шар Планина

RT @alessabocchi: Salvini and Di Maio receive cheers of support at the funerals of the victims in Genoa. This is what the establishment media doesn't want to show: the Italian people love them because they have their back, not the back of multi-national corporations.

RT @Mrvki: RT @Mrvki: Kakva parking družina... ◽

RT @Mrvki: RT @Mrvki: Kapadokija, Turska. Nestvarno...

RT @OrthodoxRussian: Holy Synod resolution: Moscow Patriarchate ceases Eucharistic communion for clergy and laity with the Constantinople Patriarchate / OrthoChristian.Com

RT @RealChrisDeliso: Migration as industry of future Thought/speech- controlled= everything depends on public being asleep and ignorant,... to not REVEAL the reality that people are the victims of the policy (home populations and migrants) think trafficking, medical, abuse, security, admin etc PROFIT…