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Dad, Husband. Lab MP for Bury North. Member of Education Select Cttee. Founder of @thealltogether. Singer. Sport & music nut.

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RT @CllrTomHayes: Tens of thousands have taken to London's streets today to demand @The_TUC’s New Deal for workers. Great to be marching with @CWUnews, @VictoriaGroulef, and @BuryLabour’s @JamesFrith MP. Here’s James on why we’re marching today ✊ @FrancesOGrady

RT @LucyRigby: Sainsbury’s CEO (& large shareholder) sings “We’re in the Money”, whilst thousands of workers are worrying their jobs are at risk... Some will think this sums up the £12 billion merger perfectly.…

RT @LucyRigby: Really sad to see the Govt abandoning a significant step towards more renewable energy & important project for growing green economy. Opposite of the right direction.…

James Frith (UKMPs) tweeted :

Covid-19 songs of hope and defiance? Go! @thecourteeners Not (Covid) Nineteen Forever… #COVID2019

RT @election_data: Read what @JamesFrith has to say. He's not pulling any punches but winning parties would take in every word and work their arses off to get him re-elected…

James Frith (UKMPs) tweeted :


RT @graceblakeley: @JamesFrith Of course James - I wasn’t questioning the wisdom of the bank bail outs, or even the loans to businesses, just the subsequent distribution of the costs. Yes, provide loans to businesses, but protect workers too!

James Frith (UKMPs) tweeted :

25 years ago this week, The Bends, by @radiohead and it opened everything up to me, musically. Here's what I said about it last year to @UK_Music for National Album Day.

RT @Trama_Dolly: @JamesFrith @PeoplesMomentum @UKLabour I delivered more leaflets and talked to more people than ever before. It was fun, really. I think it brought people closer together rather than being divisive. I know most of my neighbours now! 💫

RT @Trama_Dolly: RT @Trama_Dolly: @JamesFrith @UKLabour We certainly get our money’s worth outa you lad ◽◽