All deleted tweets from politicians

Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Bantu Holomisa, MP - UDM President and founder of Champions of the Environment Foundation

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Bantu Holomisa (UDM) tweeted :

#ZindziMandela's passing away is a real shock. She was so like her mom and worked closely with her to make sure that her father and other political prisoners were freed. Our condolences to the family and may her soul rest in peace

RT @Elias_Phaahla: @siZondi @BantuHolomisa @News24 Somewhat; the new PP has always embarked on a nasty campaign to discredit the personage of Thuli, the office she used to occupy and some crucial findings she has uncovered like this one.

RT @jklopper74: RT @jklopper74: @BantuHolomisa So what happened General? Why did they flip flop on smokes?

RT @lindelamfazi: RT @lindelamfazi: @BantuHolomisa Quid pro quo General. No free lunch.

RT @lindelamfazi: RT @lindelamfazi: @BantuHolomisa @Fin24 let the government lead by example. All government usage must be metered for pre paid usage

RT @Nkuli_Moyo: RT @Nkuli_Moyo: @robertmarawa @BantuHolomisa @MbalulaFikile Now we know who Uncle Gweezy borrowed suits..

Bantu Holomisa (UDM) tweeted :

Queen Noloyiso Sandile . We pass our condolences to the House of Rharhabe , family and relatives . Only yesterday Nkosi Ncamashe and I , met in Pretoria and he broke the news that she was in hospital.akuhlanga lungehlanga . May her soul Rest In Peace .

RT @Nkuli_Moyo: RT @Nkuli_Moyo: @BantuHolomisa @RediTlhabi The looting has blinded them from the lowest of common sense

RT @SebolaiMolefe: @BantuHolomisa Come 2019, they'll be all over the place in the name of campaigning. Knocking on doors and kissing babies and so on and so forth...YAWN!

RT @SebolaiMolefe: @BantuHolomisa @News24 This ANC NEC & ANC NWC are all just wasting time though. It’s just meeting after meeting...what’s so difficult in telling this gangster story to fokof