All deleted tweets from politicians

Ekonom. Riksdagsledamot (V). Och så vidare. Åsikter som uttrycks här är mina egna men påfallande ofta också många andras.

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Ali Esbati (sweden) retweeted @GMPaiella :

RT @GMPaiella: RT @GMPaiella: Because they like to actually win elections?

Ali Esbati (sweden) retweeted @shaunking :

RT @shaunking: Police showed up and shot him. He was unarmed.⁣ ⁣ He’s a little boy. ⁣ ⁣ It’s just so outrageous. He has all types of wounds & internal damage. This has to stop. We need a complete separate system for medical emergencies & mental health calls. American Police are barbarians.

RT @juanitafranden: Maradona fyller 60 och han gav jävlar en helt egen betydelse åt begreppet "på en egen nivå". (Hans medspelare i landslaget var rätt lökiga?)

RT @Theslimevids: RT @Theslimevids: Which one was your favorite? ◽

RT @backt0nature: RT @backt0nature: The most meme-able bird in existence, the Potoo.

RT @demarionunn: the greatest moment in tv history was when jamie oliver showed children how mcnuggets are made and smugly said 'now who would still eat this?' and literally everyone put their hand up and he looked really sad

RT @wirtual4you: RT @wirtual4you: Fransk polis vs. brandmän

RT @backt0nature: RT @backt0nature: Giant Sequoias (human for scale).

RT @MoMoButFaster: RT @MoMoButFaster: Really gotta hand it to the dude who wrote this article