All deleted tweets from politicians

I write mostly about technology, but sometimes plunge into matters I know nothing of. Chief Breakfast Officer. #cybersecurity #tech #Estonia

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RT @josephfcox: Apple's description of its new Private Relay feature: "This separation of information protects the user’s privacy because no single entity can identify both who a user is and which sites they visit."…

RT @jbillinson: The Suez Canal Authority hasn’t gotten the ship unstuck yet but they did make this great sizzle reel of them not getting the ship unstuck set to what sounds like a royalty-free version of the Tenet soundtrack…

Hans Lõugas (- / Greens) tweeted :

Now I see why they call it SUBway

RT @jamieeast: RT @jamieeast: I want this guy reading the evening news. “ReGRET” “m m m m m m m m m m now hold up!” (h/t @rob_fitzpatrick)…

Hans Lõugas (- / Greens) retweeted @GM :

RT @GM: RT @GM: Norway is crushing us at EVs. That’s crazy. We have to do better. Are you in? #EVerybodyIn #NoWayNorway

RT @jburnmurdoch: NEW: probably the most important Covid chart I’ve made As Delta goes global, it’s a tale of two pandemics, as the heavily-vaccinated Western world talks of reopening while deaths across Africa and Asia soar to record highs My story with @davidpilling…

RT @zackwhittaker: New: European Medicines Agency, which has been key to Europe's COVID-19 vaccine response, says it has been hit by a cyberattack. "The Agency has swiftly launched a full investigation, in close cooperation with law enforcement and other relevant entities." No more info given.

RT @jeremyburge: Okay so TikTok is grabbing the contents of my clipboard every 1-3 keystrokes. iOS 14 is snitching on it with the new paste notification

RT @TinkerSec: Got suspended from Twitter for “Posting Private Information” Guess posting all numbers from 000-00-0000 to 999-99-9999 was bad. Satire is dead.