All deleted tweets from politicians

Elected as SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin on 5th May 2011.

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RT @MiriamBrett: Dundonian economist, author, and professor at Brown, Mark Blyth, on Scottish independence: “I'm for it. Why? Because the UK growth model is unsustainable and Scotland can do better than simply subsist on inter-regional transfers.”

RT @YesVoteDaily: RT @YesVoteDaily: One image that sums up Scottish politics right now

RT @IainR0bertson: Ken Stott asked me to tweet his response to Ian Rankin’s assertion that Rebus would have voted no in 2014. Ken has also sent this to @NicolaSturgeon & @TheScotsman:

RT @IainR0bertson: I thought @NicolaSturgeon blew the competition out the park in the debate last night. Just hope she can hold her own alongside me & @susie_mccabe at the Burns Night in January 🤷🏻‍♂️

RT @IainR0bertson: @ArtyBagger @iainmacwhirter This is so unfair, Muriel. Maybe it just reads as a sweeping statement - but we have mutual friends who are incredibly intelligent, compassionate & magnanimous human beings who support the civic Scottish national party. I’m sure you don’t think so lowly of us/them 🤷🏻‍♂️

RT @IainR0bertson: I haven’t the words to express my gratitude to Una MacLean. I’ve known her since she was but a wean in her 70’s ... from when we toured the Slab Boys through welcoming me into Shieldinch. I adore that woman.

RT @IainR0bertson: RT @IainR0bertson: Stevie’s pure greetin ◽#rivercityhiatus

RT @IainR0bertson: Thanks to everyone who joined us, & for all the support to the show. Well done to @ruthpaxton & @MWKStevenson on tonights episode. I miss all the gang & hopefully this #RiverCityhiatus will be over soon & we can get back to Shieldinch! @joskyn100 @stephen_purdon @WeeScottFletch

RT @IainR0bertson: This got me, tonight’s episode is in memory of John Paton. The loviest props guy that ever was, welcomed me to River City & took great care of us all. He will be sorely missed by us all @stephen_purdon @WeeScottFletch @joskyn100