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RT @Indyref25: A peerie announcement... I just joined the @theSNP. Join me! Now we all ken Im not shy about offering constructive criticism to the SNP, however wIith Oct31 looming it is more vital than ever that we all work together to achieve independence ASAP

@DailyGael The Stornoway Tesco ones are helluva green just now. Hope you’re having better luck in Barra!

RT @Jacklouisfox: RT @Jacklouisfox: The best thing you will see all day.

I’m alright, I’m from the east side!

RT @Jen13Scot: Richard Leonard is elected, Alex Rowley suspended and Kezia flies off into sunrise to eat grubs. If Scottish Labour was a tv programme, it'd get panned for being too far fetched.

RT @DickWinchester: In 2018, Norway exports were worth $127bn and imports $89.5bn whereas Denmark exported $108.5bn worth & imported $101bn. In contrast Scotland only exported $85bn worth & imported around $80bn. That's the price Scotland pays for being in the UK @AlokSharma_RDG

RT @moximoll: @ScotNational When Scotland finally becomes independent [oh it's coming], will I [as an English person] have to apply to a 'settlement scheme' for residency? After living here for 46yrs? No? Thought not. Because the Scots aren't xenophobic arseholes.

RT @seankent: RT @seankent: A French biker saving a kitten was the video I needed today.

RT @Fraser_J_: How frustrating to hear a caller on @BBCRadioScot to state that the quarantine restrictions for Spain from Scotland is a 'gimmick' from @NicolaSturgeon - please raise the standard of debate 🤦‍♂️

RT @Gille_Ruadh: Bu Chòir! Gaelic version of the new @YesScot logo. Please share and RT. Printable A4/A3 versions and twibbon will follow later today. #BuChòirFhathast #StillYes #indyRef2 #Gaelic #Gàidhlig