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MP for Lanark & Hamilton East. SNP Shadow Attorney General & Spokesperson for Defence Procurement. 📧 : ☎️: 01698 200065

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RT @HumzaYousaf: The @Lawscot with an important statement: "The principle of an independent legal system & respect for the rule of law are pillars of our democracy of which Scots can be rightly proud" Those who seek to undermine that independence - without a shred of evidence- should take note

RT @JohnSwinney: The steps out of lockdown announced today. The welcome return of some school pupils yesterday to be taken forward in two further stages after 15 March and 5 April. Easter school holiday dates are not changed.

RT @joannew0112: @AngelaCrawley30 please could you share Otto needs finding urgently He's 15 years old and needs medication #Lost #cleghorn #lanark Saturday 13th Feb any info please contact @imogenwalker 07971672019 07739200068

RT @JoshWilsonSNP: I've been overwhelmed by the the support I've received from members across Central Scotland over the past few months. Voting opens today - if you're an SNP member, you'll receive an email asking you to rank your candidate in order of preference. I would appreciate your support!

@life_explored @theedijester @legalfeminist I’m glad you agree. I think your interpretation (maybe it’s the accent?) that I was being rude is incorrect. I have consistently argued we hear from all concerned and scrutinise all evidence. I find “your skin crawl” comment offensive and unnecessary.

@life_explored @legalfeminist The role of the committee is to cross-examine witnesses. That is your interpretation, however I have advocated that we hear from all stakeholders - to ensure that the govt produces best legislation for all concerned - it was not intended to be rude.

@life_explored @theedijester @legalfeminist Again - that’s your interpretation. Direct insults are not necessary.

@life_explored @legalfeminist That’s one interpretation - we were running short of time. All witnesses were able to express their points of view.

RT @JoshWilsonSNP: The latest poll shows that there is no new pro-independence party that have a chance of getting over the threshold for a list seat. If you want an independence referendum, make sure you give both your votes to @theSNP. #BothVotesSNP