All deleted tweets from politicians

Dad. Husband. Leader of the WNP @WelshParty. MS for South Wales Central. #NotPoliticsAsUsual #GetItDone

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RT @jolilford: Restaurant in Cardiff yesterday: digitally temp screened at door, seated at least 10ft from others, with perspex separator screens. The shops? Like the ruddy Wild West. Yet restaurants + pubs are to shut at 6pm. No booze to be sold. This one just doesn't stack up.

RT @GwinLlynWines: RT @GwinLlynWines: Can’t wait to hear what Mark Drakeford will announce later this week regarding travel restrictions. #makingitupashegoesa…

RT @CraigRo50531616: RT @CraigRo50531616: Any footy side’s looking for a friendly sat??? @FairwaterRFC desperate for a game contact myself or @liamfree9

RT @Sian_Says: Yep, studies from the university of Cambridge back in June found that under 15s are more likely to be struck by lightening, under 25s killed in a road accident and under 50s die from an injury. Shoulda just shielded the vulnerable and not crashed the economy

RT @AllAboutAyesha: @neiljmcevoy @Neilnewp @WYP_NeilTaylor @NeilevansEvans Hi could you give this a rt for me please ❤️ let’s help reanne reach her fundraising goal so she can buy jaxon who is 5 soft play equipment so he can play safely and be involved with his siblings 🙏

@CharlieDEvans They sponsor @Plaid_Cymru also & don't wish them good luck in elections! The acceotrd cultural term of British, differs from the geographical & historic definition.

Labour spent £150 million & the outcome is to suggest spending £800 million on public transport. Oh & charging people to play at work. A fig leaf for an election.…

RT @Passedpawn: @PerryWyn @neiljmcevoy You can do both. Campaign for the power to be given (which is not for example in Gwynedd's gift) whilst also taking temporary measures such as charging an exorbitant sum (which they do control the power to do) to stop or slow the damage whilst your campaign takes its course.