All deleted tweets from politicians

Parliamentary Leader PPP and Former Leader of Opposition in the Senate of Pakistan . FormerPakistan Amb to the US/Fed Minister.Chair Jinnah Institute.

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RT @biafotours: Girls playing Cricket, in a Valley of #GilgitBaltistan. Female players from #Hunza have been representing Pak in international Cricket & football matches. Literacy rate & Gender Equality Index is higher than the rest of the country. Kudos Girls!! #GenderEquality #Empowerment

RT @NadeemfParacha: A glimmer of hope. The curve slightly flattened after 2 days of lockdown. Let’s keep this up. Stay put, Sindh. #SindhGovernment #SindhLockdown

روز پیپلس پارٹی کے خلاف پریس کانفرنس کی جاتی ہے-کورونا کے خلاف نہیں -روذ اخلاکیت کا جنازہ نکالتے ہیں

RT @ABMPildat: Only a person of Kamran Khan’s standing could speak this truth. PPP is the most tolerant political party today, in a relevant sense. It has come a long way since 70s. Younger parties should learn from the experiences which PPP has undergone, instead of learning the hard way.

RT @JinnahInstitute: How has the Coronavirus pandemic transformed our societies thus far, what new pressures will it bring about? Jinnah Institute asks @BRRubin and @RajMohan_Gandhi what to expect in its latest series “Asia & the World After COVID”. Read here:… #Covid_19 #Asia

RT @JinnahInstitute: The latest modelling of the #COVIDー19 pandemic suggests that the virus will only begin to fade out in Pakistan in July 2020, writes Safiya Aftab in our policy brief.…

RT @KasimGillani: Latest from K-P: 24 health workers including 14 lady doctors of LRH Peshawar tested positive for Covid19. A district & session judge in Tank district also tested positive. @Jhagra get down from your high horse minister sb and control the situation before its to late.

@SALSIKandar Please add, conserve water. All of the above applies to South Asia as a whole too

Very sad to see Irrfan Khan leave us. He truly was one of Pakistan’s best! May he rest in peace ◽