All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @sharjeelinam: PTI’s government is hiding behind the stay order on “ Peshawar BRT “to save their corruption. Why they are not allowing investigation agencies to probe ?Isn’t it the self NRO ?Do you think PTI and Imran Niazi can justify this stay order on investigation ?What comes In Your mind ?

RT @BBhuttoZardari: PTI’s government is so threaten by PPPs upcoming foundation day in Multan, Punjab. They yet again attacked & arrested our workers including @KasimGillani. We will host PDM on Nov 30 come what may. @AseefaBZ will be reaching to represent me. #JalsaTouHoga

RT @HamidMirPAK: قومی اسمبلی کے سپیکر اسد قیصر صاحب سے سوال کیا کہ کسی رکن اسمبلی کا پروڈکشن آرڈر جاری کرنا وزیراعظم کا اختیار ہے یا سپیکر کا ؟ وزیراعظم نے یہ کیوں کہا کہ اب کسی کا پروڈکشن آرڈر جاری نہیں ہو گا؟سپیکر صاحب نے کیا جواب دیا خود سن لیں

RT @SindhHealthDpt: Sindh Peoples Ambulance Service in partnership with @Aman_Foundation is now available in #Hyderabad. The residents can request an ambulance by calling 1036. #SindhHealth #Sindh

RT @JavedNLaghari: Inauguration of Government Girls Digree College Tando Jam by MPA @sharjeelinam on the SMBB's vision to educate women. PPP Sindh govt is making girls degree college across Sindh for better education. #KhidmatMeinSubSeyAagaySindh

Imran Khan today Ask Courts for quick judgments. If he really quick justice system, why stay order on BRT ? 👇👇👇SC extends stay in Peshawar BRT case | The Express Tribune…

RT @Shallwani: RT @Shallwani: A Tree cut by a builder at Shaheed Millat , FIR registered and arrests have been made -

RT @sharjeelinam: RT @sharjeelinam: This is sindh, this is sindh government. Look, today who is praising sindh govt. Propaganda makers plz watch ◽ https://t.…

RT @sharjeelinam: RT @sharjeelinam: After the #APC2020 what will be popular slogan on the streets of all over Pakistan ◽◽.

RT @NawazSharifMSN: RT @NawazSharifMSN: I apologise from @BBhuttoZardari and Zardari sahab for calling Shaheed Benazir Indian Agent.