All deleted tweets from politicians

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Saaf Chali Shafaaf Chali , Tahreek E Insaaf Chali. ◽◽Rs40b irregularities detected in PM’s Covid package…

Large number of Pakhtun brothers joined PPP in hyderabad. Only hope for everyone is only PPP.

RT @sharjeelinam: RT @sharjeelinam: Plz watch till end ◽◽◽◽

RT @UmerShareefpk: RT @UmerShareefpk: اگر دو چار مزید قومی اسمبلی کی نسشتوں پہ ضمنی انتخابات ہو گئے تو عمران خان وزیراعظم ہاؤس سے نکل کر واپس ڈی۔چوک پر آ جائی…

Waiting for the breaking news in tv channels on this◽

Political Eid Mubarak.

Ya Allah Pakistan ki Awam Ko Imran Niazi Kai Shar Sai Mahfooz farms. Aameen ◽

RT @SassuiZafar: RT @SassuiZafar: Today With @rawalsharjeel. @rawalsharjeel welcomes #PTI Hyderabad members upon joining Pakistan people’s party ◽◽◽◽ https…