All deleted tweets from politicians

Senior Member for Central & Provincial Council of ANP.Former Member Of Pakhtunkhwa http://Assembly.Global Goodwill Ambassador.Ashoka Fellow.

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RT @kaisershah1992: عوامی نیشنل پارٹی تحصیل بحرین

RT @tareenafghan: The mandate of ANP has been stolen by KHALAHI MAKHLOOQ in order to favour its bestie (ladla) but we are not the people to…

RT @adnanaliuet: @jafarshahmp congratulation spindada

RT @ANPMarkaz: که د وطن په ننګ شهيد شوې په تار د زلفو به کفن درله ګنډمه #RememberingBashirBilour | #BashirBilourShaheed | #7thDeathAnnivers…

Waqar Khan MPA , ke Walida ke fateha khwani at Shah Dherai Swat.