All deleted tweets from politicians

XPresident Sindh Women Wing, Welfare, Justice & Self-Esteem. My Life Revolves Around IK's Vision. A True Insafian !! Pakistan Zindabad RT's are not endorsments.

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RT @AyeshaaImranist: We are shedding our blood in every corner of world and still we are Terrorists !! SLOW CLAP For this blind & hypocrite world 👏 #MuslimsUnderAttack

RT @AyeshaaImranist: High security alerts to our PM. So Lets start a chain of Darood Pak for safety & life of @ImranKhanPTI Kindly reply with done after reciting and don't stop the chain. Also recite Ayat-ul-Qursi & Qul Sharif & blow on Khan after every prayer. We have one Khan we can't get another.

RT @AyeshaaImranist: RT @AyeshaaImranist: By the Grace of Allah and tireless struggle of @ImranKhanPTI Pakistan has already witnessed many Eids before Eid ❤◽ #…

RT @AyeshaaImranist: @BabarAwanPK @WaseemBadami It really made me cry.Just look at the face of her Father I dont know how we are going to face and answer Allah about it !!

RT @Gumname_Shaheen: RT @Gumname_Shaheen: دہشتگردوں کو جہنم واصل کرنے والے بہادر ہیرو◽◽