All deleted tweets from politicians

Member Parliament @pmln_org. Young Global Leader’16 @wef. Writer in Jang Alumni LUMS,Harvard,Oxford,NDU, ACYPL

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RT @hinaparvezbutt: You are not only a leader but a role model, who has inspired millions of people to stand up for their rights & sanctity of vote. May you live long & fulfil dream of a progressive prosperous Pakistan. Happy Birthday @MaryamNSharif

A Superwoman is strong,resilient, and can tackle anything that comes into her way with strength. A Superwoman is powerful. She confronts obstacles, tackles them and keeps her power all at the same time. @MaryamNSharif is indeed a Superwoman. Happy birthday Superwomen ❤️

میاں نوازشریف کی جانشین ووٹ کو عزت دو تحریک کی فاتح آئین کی محافظ ، بہادر باپ کی بہادر بیٹی مستقبل کی وزیراعظم مریم نوازشریف کو سالگرہ مبارک

I appreciate the constructive criticism I've received over this tweet. Life is constantly a learning process and one should be open to feedback.

Value those who give you constructive criticism as it helps you improve and grow in the right direction. Agreed?

@naanchannay @babarazam258 @iShaheenAfridi No more Cricketers as PM ◽ one experiment failed already.

RT @hinaparvezbutt: مسلم لیگ ن کی MPA ثانیہ عاشق کیخلاف سوشل میڈیا پر چلنے والی مہم کی شدید مذمت کرتی ہوں۔کسی بھی خاتون کا کسی بھی پارٹی سے تعلق ہوں، ہم سب کو اس غلیظ مہم کی حوصلہ شکنی کرنی چاہیے

RT @babarazam258: Alhumdulillah, 2/2. What an amazing display of bowling, fielding and batting against a quality side! The best part is the entire team chipping in and playing their roles in the victory of Pakistan. More prayers needed as all eyes set on the next game. 👊🙌

RT @hinaparvezbutt: RT @hinaparvezbutt: پنجاب اسمبلی کے باہر مہنگائی کیخلاف احتجاج کرتے ہوئے