All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @ulusyar3: Humanitarian situation on Afghan side of Torkham crossing. UN & other human rights Org are totally silent on this crisis. #TorkhamCrossing

RT @Mirwaiskk: My best wishes & prayers for the new political party. I hope they would continue their struggle for democracy & rights of oppressed. They've great team with people like @a_siab & @BushraGohar. They've all the capability & expertise to realise the dream of equality & prosperity

RT @Mirwaiskk: Protest happening right now in Ziarat against killing of levies personals. Biggest protest in Ziarat history. Meanwhile sitin still continues for 8th day. #ZiaratSitin

RT @Mirwaiskk: Atleast raise your voice on social media. People of Ziarat have supported every oppressed community, and protested for everyone including Baloch and Hazaras. Have always protested on call of PTM. It's sad that #ZiaratSitIn has not gotten the support they needed from brothers in 2

RT @Mirwaiskk: KPK and FATA. #ZiaratSitIn is not only about three levies personals, father of a martyred levies personal have said several times that they have taken a stand for all Pashtuns and they will not accept more pashtun deaths. Please raise your voice. 3

RT @Mirwaiskk: Three levies personals who died in landmine blast on August 26th were laid to rest today in their hometown Ziarat. Thousands of people attended the funeral. Today was 12th day of #ZiaratSitIn. Sitin will continue

RT @Mirwaiskk: If they are wearing Burqa with their choice. Then must be respected; otherwise, Burqa is symbol of modern slavery in 21st century among Muslim women. That's erasing women identity and dignity. But atleast women are allowed to breathe in Taliban enforced Sharia. RIP

RT @Mirwaiskk: Well, culture is as important as anything else. Taliban are erasing Afghan identity. So, it was really good response. Plus, Afghans living in other countries are doing much more than that. They are fundraising, protesting, looking after refugees. They can't came and fight taliban

RT @pashtanaPehlla: مردان : پی ٹی ایم کے رہنماء ممبر قومی اسمبلی محسن داوڑ نے آج پی ٹی ایم مردان کے ساتھی عبداللہ مہمند، ان کے بھائی قاری فضل سبحان اور والد صاحب سے ان کی والدہ کی وفات پر فاتحہ خوانی کی۔ اس موقع پر ندیم عسکر، حسن ناصر و پی ٹی ایم مردان کے دیگر ساتھی بھی موجود تھے۔

RT @NationalDemMove: By arresting @AbbasOrakzay , a strong voice against terrorism, the government has exposed its policy of silencing voices supporting peace. This govt policy is responsible for shedding the blood of innocent Pashtuns on both sides of the Durand Line. #ReleaseAhmadAbbas