All deleted tweets from politicians

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RT @AQAchakzai: Education cities is a great step. I would request from @jam_kamal and @DcKillaAbdullah, kindly keep para 2 in mind before materializing this project. It must be in city areas, as mentioned. So easy for everyone to take advantage of it. Political manipulation must be avoided.

RT @akq1943: RT @akq1943: دیکھنا سمندر میں غرق ہو گئے دریا…

RT @Chinar_Khan_: RT @Chinar_Khan_: @a_siab يه پښتنو! هير نه کړئ داستاسو ملنګي خټک وخت به درنه داسې ليونې ګورې بيا هم غواړي #RememberingAjmalKhattak

RT @Chinar_Khan_: RT @Chinar_Khan_: @a_siab يو شور دی، انقلاب دی، هنگامه ده که راځې زما او ستا د ټول ژوند فيصله ده که راځې. #PashtunLongMarch2Bannu

RT @chinar_khon: In Naya Pakistan, PM fee reimbursement scheme has been closed. It was for M.Phil and PhD level students of less developed areas & FATA in Pak universities , initiated by Yousaf Raza Gilani in 2k13. Thank you @ImranKhanPTI . @a_siab @BBhuttoZardari @FarhatullahB @mjdawar .

RT @chinar_khon: په شته کور کې داسې څوک بۍ کوره چرته نشې. وﺀېل ېى ېوه خور ده هم بى پلاره او بى موره چرته نشې. @a_siab @sanaejaz2 @BushraGohar

RT @AhmadZe44143625: The stories of thousands of years of hospitality in Bajaur have become a question mark today due to the shameful act of Jamaat-e-Islami Law Forum. #MohsinDawarOurPride

RT @IMBalaiLLzai: All social/human rights activitist, journalists, various political party leaders & their activists & especially #PTM activists are requestd to join us today in the trend 2 raise voice 4 Idrees khattak from 3pm till 12am today. #WhereIsIdrisKhattak

RT @IMBalaiLLzai: Message from PTM's leader @Aliwazirna50 about having been tested positive for COVID-19. He is fine and is going to get a second test done. @a_siab @FarhatullahB @RehamKhan1 #CoronavirusPandemic

RT @IMBalaiLLzai: RT @IMBalaiLLzai: @a_siab جانانه جوړبۀ لېونی شې کۀ داوربل دپاسه کېږدم ژېړګلونه