All deleted tweets from politicians

Member Voice of Karachi(VoK) and South Asia Minorities Alliance Foundation RT’s doesn’t mean endorsement. Live & Let Live

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RT @Remahanpeyek11: Jangan buang sampah kaca/jarum ataupun benda tajam sembarangan guys, reminder juga buat semua😭😭

@Matiullahjan919 Taqat ka Nasha....I’m sure with this proof, agriculture dept will take positive action & provide justice to the family.

Wasay Jalil (pakistan) replied to @MAKED100 :

@MAKED100 Doesn’t look like your mother teach you manners how to speak & are you sure that you have MCD or IBA. Btw you don’t deserve to be on my TL

Wasay Jalil (pakistan) replied to @moaz001 :

@moaz001 @nadeem_nusrat آپکی اوقات BLOCKED

RT @reema_omer: Reminder for people critiquing Gulalai’s decision to seek asylum (instead of questioning the State’s harassment and atrocio…

RT @Uzair_Afaq: My little princes has turned 9 today 😍😍 I took her to the supermarket early this morning and she chose 2 of the most expen…

RT @asmashirazi: کیا یہ فریال تالپور صاحبہ کا ذاتی خیال ہے ؟…

@zoiatariq I’m thinking same for him.

@waqarsatti Waqar Bhai 1-6 all suits on him

RT @AanchalMalhotra: Over one year ago, Nupur Marwah, a student I had once met in Delhi, wrote me a letter about a pair of earrings that ha…