All deleted tweets from politicians

Deputy General Secretary, #PPP Sindh, Minister for LocalGovt, Religious Affairs and Forest & Wildlife, Govt of Sindh.

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Happy Birthday to my leader chairman. @BBhuttoZardari sb. May God bless you always with success, health and happiness. Ameen

Clean water supply is a top priority Sindh CM Syed Nasir Hussain Shah participates in Sindh Strategic Sector Plan 2016-26 All participant said that such projects are very important for the People development and the country. #cleanwater #UNICEF #CleanKarachi #SyesNasirHussainShah

وزیر بلدیات، جنگلات و جنگلی حیات سندھ سیدناصرحسین شاہ نے صفورہ چورنگی پر فیملی پارک اور گرین بیلٹ کا افتتاح کردیا گرین بیلٹ اور پارک میمن برادری کی مدد سے تعمیر کیا جائے گا #greenbelt #Park #SyednasirHussainShah #Familypark #Inauguration #Karachi

Minister for Municipality Sindh, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah giving orders for public solution. #Publicsloution #Syednasirhussainsshah #Greatstep #Karachi #Minister

پبلک نیوزاے پلیس اور انٹر اسٹیٹ کے وفد کی عامرعلی خان راجہ حسیب کیانی اور پبلک نیوز کراچی کا بیوروچیف کاشف منیر کی وزیربلدیات سید ناصرحسین شاہ سے ملاقات سرسبزپاکستان مہم پر تبادلہ خیال #SyednasirHussainShah #GreenPakistancampaign #Karachi

Minister of Forestry Sindh Syed Nasir Hussain Shah meets forest officials The meeting also included Minister of Public Health Engineering and Rural Development Shabir Bajrani, Secretary Forestry Rahim Soomro, Ijaz Nizmani Chief Conservative, Riaz Ahmed Wigan Chief Conservative.

Minister for Municipality Sindh Syed Nasir Hussain Shah Press Conference KMC is also represented by Mayor Karachi. All municipalities and related departments will be provided full facilities in the Clean Karachi campaign #CleanKarachi #SyedNasirHussainShah #PressConference #Mayor

Meeting on the Cleanliness Campaign Chaired by Sindh Municipal Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah.. Video Highlights fr you #CleanKarachi #SyedNasirHussainShah #PressConference #MayorKarachi

RT @NasirShahOffice: پیپلز پارٹی کی قیادت کا عزم ہے کہ وہ مذہبی جنونیت اور منافرت کے خلاف لڑتی رہے گی اور بین المذاہب ہم آہنگی کو فروغ دے…

RT @jahmed95: Alleged accused, Notan Mal, is now in the safe custody of Police. Situation in Ghotki is back to normal within 12 hours by th…