All deleted tweets from politicians

Deputy General Secretary, #PPP Sindh, Minister for LocalGovt & HTP, Information, Religious Affairs and Forest, Govt of Sindh.

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Sadden to know that unfortunate the sad demise of @AzraPechuho’s sister-in-law. May Allah (SWT) grant the departed soul with Jannah. Ameen

RT @AseefaBZ: Grieved at the loss of Haji Murtaza Baloch to Covid-19. A committed man of principle and integrity that served the people till the end. His efforts during this pandemic were tireless. Praying for the Almighty to grant him peace and his family strength. #RIPMurtazaBaloch

RT @NasirShahOffice: There was a big difference between the sugar subsidy given by the Sindh government and the current government, Says Syed Nasir Hussain Shah #SNHS @SyedNasirHShah #PPP #Lockdown #SugarInquiry

RT @LalamusaPP: RT @LalamusaPP: Glad it was a football match, you guys could even use a funeral procession footage to lie.…

RT @NasirShahOffice: People should not pay any heed to the rumors and businesses to remain open for limited time with proper SOPs. #SNHS @SyedNasirHShah #Covid_19 #coronavirus

تمام اہل وطن اورعالمِ اسلام کو عید کی خوشیاں مبارک ہوں، ربِ کریم سے دُعا ہے کہ ہمارا پیارا وطن تا قیامت سلامت رہے، آمین،کوروناوائرس پیش نظر میں عوام الناس سےاپیل کرتا ہوں کہ حفظان صحت اور خصوصی تدابیر پرعمل درآمد کرتے ہوئے عید سادگی سےمنائیں، تمام اہل وطن کوعید مبارک #عيد_الفطر

RT @RabiaAnumm: RT @RabiaAnumm: Praying for @naqvi1966 who was in the flight. Everyone please please say a prayer.

RT @BakhtawarBZ: Pakistani doctors do not have face masks. Pakistani citizens do not have face masks. WHY is #Pakistan exporting face masks?!