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Taken on a new responsibility as Minister for Human Rights in PM Imran Khan's cabinet.

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RT @SMQureshiPTI: Quaid's vision 'Kashmir is the Jugular Vein of Pakistan' resonates strongly today. India’s unilateral action has busted t…

RT @NicolaCareem: WATCH: Despite government saying reports of protests in Saura were completely fabricated, see exclusive BBC footage here…

Shireen Mazari (pakistan) tweeted :

My views on Kashmir crisis on Any last night:

RT @fahdhumayun: Who droned Mullah Mansour? Who chose Taliban talks as the moment to leak news of Mullah Omar’s death? Who blacklisted the…

Shireen Mazari (pakistan) tweeted :

Exactly - so why are Indians claiming history? But had MOFA in 2008 registered the bilateral Pak-India consular access agreement, the case would have had a different turn altogether.

Shireen Mazari (pakistan) tweeted :

When racism and bigotry become acceptable political norms in democracies…

Shireen Mazari (pakistan) tweeted :

Here is the story of another youth who is following her dreams and is a role model for our young people. #wearethefuture

RT @mohrpakistan: #MinistryofHumanRights campaign in collaboration with #UNICEF highlighting young achievers. #WeTheFuture @ShireenMazari1…

Shireen Mazari (pakistan) tweeted :

PTM's demand for Truth & Reconciliation Commission and raising a collective voice for disappeared ppl, extra judicial killings & renditions of innocent Pakistanis to US: all these are demands that need to be met. Families of the Disappeared have been going thru he'll for decades