All deleted tweets from politicians

Believe in freedom with responsibility. Belong to Pakistan Peoples Party & Member National Assembly of Pakistan on NA 216 Sanghar II.

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RT @fatah_pak: You have to be really shameless to first ridicule COVID as FLU, compare it with car accidents, mock those wearing masks, ridicule one province that was taking it seriously, abuse doctors, attack govt supported NGOs & now suddenly pretend you care about Covid-19 more than anyone.

کاش نیازی حکومت کو ادراک ہوتا کہ کورونا محض بخار نہیں تھا-شروع سے کورونا سے“گھبرانا نہیں”اور اسکے متعلق غلط تاثر پھیلانےوالےآج محض اپوزیشن اور عوامی ردِعمل سے بچنےکےلیےکورونا کا ذکر کر رہے ہیں۔جبکہ دوسری طرف خود وزیرِاعظم اور انکے وزراءجلسوں میں مصروف ہیں۔ کاش یہ فکر سچی ہوتی!

RT @BBhuttoZardari: GOS will approach the courts to review the #ArzooRaja underage marriage case, clear up any misunderstanding the honorable court may have, and do everything in their power to provide justice. We passed the law will continue to fight for it to be implemented.

RT @AnayaNKhan: RT @AnayaNKhan: So heartbroken for Peshawar. Wish the people of Pakistan didn’t have to be this resilient all the time. ◽

RT @Anny_Marri: Nothing wrong with selling tickets at a cinema - it’s an honest day’s work. Unlike your family’s claim to fame which is international Human Trafficking. You’re a prime example of how money can’t replace good breeding.

RT @BakhtawarZardri: As we see Pres ASIF Ali Zardari still continues faces #Fake Nab Court cases just because of restoration of DemocracyDay 🇵🇰 . @BBhuttoZardari @BakhtawarBZ

@MAkramDars جی ڀاءُ ، پاڻي جو نيڪال تمام ضروري آهي ۽ اسان ڪوشش ڪري رهيا آهيون. ٻوڏ جو پاڻي ڪنري ۽ عمرڪوٽ ۾ جمع ٿي چڪو آهي ۽ سسٽم ۾ ايترو پاڻي کڻڻ جي گنجائش نه آهي. پاڻي جو نيڪال اسان جي پهرين ترجيح آھي.

@sherryrehman is absolutely correct and here’s the relevant portion from the original Act being proposed to be deleted. Clearly this pertains to arrest without warrant and is titled “Power to arrest”. In clause 11, deletion of section 16 is proposed. Figure out who is lying.

@aaliaaaliya ◽◽