All deleted tweets from politicians

Senator Rehman Malik

Chmn SSC Int/Ex Int Minister/authored Modi’sWar Doctrine Ex.Chmn SAARC Mins,Ex DG FIA,Sitara-i -Shujaat ,Nishan-i-Imtiaz.

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RT @WahabGull: @SenRehmanMalik @RandPaul @realDonaldTrump There was peace in a region in Pakistan and Afghanistan and no one knew about the…

RT @WahabGull: @shamrozkhan3 @SenRehmanMalik Shamroz, you guys use the same language like indians. Why would Pak welcomed and gave shelter…

RT @WahabGull: @SenRehmanMalik @RandPaul @realDonaldTrump Due to war imposed on Afghanistan, Pakistan has been directly affected and lost s…

Sunil sb not Katam e Nubuwwat but RAW with RSS will do terrorist acts in Pak end of this as per the indication being signalled by your Chokidars/RSS from India .U are also threatening for the terrorist attack. I will keep this tweet for record and present to the world e

RT @pppps105news: Happy birthday Dear Sir @SenRehmanMalik 🎂 🎂

RT @pppps105news: PPP Chairman @BBhuttoZardari announces re-rally in Multan.

RT @pppps105news: افغان صدر اشرف غنی اپنی نہیں مودی کی زبان بول رہا ہے، رحمان ملک @SenRehmanMalik