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Central Vice President, member since April 1996 ,held different organizational offices from tehsil to central and contested elections as party candidate

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RT @PTIofficial: After 50 years, Kashmir dispute has been discussed at UNSC. This gives a clear call to India that Kashmir is not an intern…

our struggle will continue till indepence of indian occupied jammu and kashmir. humble gratitude to Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah for his vision and efforts for the muslims of the sub continent. #PakistanStandsWithKashmir

Happy Indepence Day

RT @PTIofficial: 72 years ago, Jinnah voiced Two Nation Theory because he knew that Muslims will be treated as second class citizen, someth…

میڈیا نہیں عدالت اور نیب کو جواب دو مظلومیت کا جعلی ڈرامہ اب نہیں چلے گا ، منی ٹریل دو چور مچائے شور نوٹنکی بند کرو اور عدالت کو ثبوت دو @PTIofficial @InsafPK