All deleted tweets from politicians

A proud Insafian. Member National Assembly from NA-4, Swat.

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RT @PTIofficial: Bilawal Zardari wanted answers from PTI. When our young MNA & Federal Minister Murad Saeed attempts to give answers, they walk out. Why are they scared of Murad Saeed that much? Is it because he does research and exposes their lack of performance with facts?

Murad Saeed (pakistan) tweeted :

تباہ حال صحت آپکے ابو زرداری اور چچا نواز کی 35 سالہ دور حکومت کی کارکردگی۔صحت میں بھوک بلبلا کر سڑکوں پر،اٹھارویں ترمیم صحت اور پیسہ صوبوں کے پاس۔خدارا سندھ کی امداد کا پیسہ فیک اکاونٹس کی نظر نہ کیجیے گا۔ عمران خان کی حکومت نے اقدامات کر لیے سندھ سے گزارش الزامات نہیں انتظامات

Murad Saeed (pakistan) tweeted :

حکومت کے تمام شعبوں اب براہ راست عوام کی دہلیز پر

RT @ImranKhanPTI: RT @ImranKhanPTI: Indian Police attacking Muslims as part of Modi Govt's ethnic cleansing. 1/2

RT @ImranKhanPTI: RT @ImranKhanPTI: Indian Police attacking Muslims as part of Modi Govt's ethnic cleansing. 2/2

RT @ImranKhanPTI: RT @ImranKhanPTI: Indian police's pogrom against Muslims in UP.

RT @PTIofficial: RT @PTIofficial: Prime Minister Imran Khan was acorded guard of honour upon his arrival @ImranKhanPTI

RT @ImranKhanPTI: Today must be a great disappointment to those who expected the country to be destabilised by a clash of institutions. That this did not happen must be of special disappointment to our external enemies & mafias within -

Murad Saeed (pakistan) tweeted :

When there is so much injustice we can not remain silent.We stand against the Hitler and Nazi inspired RSS ideology of Modi’s govt. Int communities @UN must take stand against #racist,Hindutva extremist India. #15thAugustBlackDay #KashmirBleeds

Murad Saeed (pakistan) tweeted :

Listen carefully!!! Be aware of a modern day rise in Nazi ideology in the form of Narendra Modi’s RSS Hindutva brand of supremacy. Modi and RSS plan exposed @BBCBreaking @cnni @AJEnglish