All deleted tweets from politicians

General Secretary PMLN Sindh. Former Federal Minister of Finance.

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RT @mosharrafzaidi: Shaheed Captain Abdullah Shah martyred in Waziristan September 28, 2020. The enemy still takes our best and brightest. May Allah’s mercy shine on our soldiers and spies. And may Allah’s wrath be on the enemy. #NeverForget

RT @MehrTarar: Or not make a defendant suffer countless hearings, and complete the process without wasting more time, finish the trial, and acquit? That is also a possibility when the case is as weak as this particular drama

RT @cctv_idiots: RT @cctv_idiots: We need more people like this kid ◽

RT @hyzaidi: Imran Khan: humongous increase in tax paid from Rs 103,763 to Rs 282,449 🙄🙄🙄 Ministers Faisal Vawda, Zartaj Gul, Aamer Mahmood Kiani, Fayaz ul Hasan Chauhan, tax paid in 2018: Rs. 0 Whoop de whoop.

RT @KaramKhan2: RT @KaramKhan2: @MiftahIsmail Thankyou sir for coming in politics!!

RT @KhaqanNajeeb: ADB Sept 2020 estimates growth rates for FY21: India 8%; Bangladesh 6.8% Malaysia 6.5%; Sri Lanka 4.1% South Asia 7.1%; East Asia 7% #Pakistan 2% Only Growth can create jobs/alter our income status. Reimagining growth is survival for poor!!! #economy #WednesdayMotivation

RT @KhaqanNajeeb: #Energy is survival. Managerial revamp is needed to stem the bleeding. FY 2020 leakages Rs 538 bn or 44.8 bn a month or 1.48 bn a day FY19 Leakages Rs465 billion or 38.7 a month or 1.27 a day 538 & 465 bn is Government burden or quasi-fiscal deficit 2.4%. #economy @OmarAyubKhan

RT @NaPoha_: Youthiyon ki parallel reality. IK literally has everything handed to him on a platter: -a facilitative establishment; friendly intel agencies -a pliant judiciary -a suppressed opposition -a quashed TTP -an end to energy crisis. Man still cant get his shit together.

RT @AreeshaPervez: Murtaza Wahab, PPP leader, has been on his feet since the past 5 days, across the city. He's clearing the mess that is DHAs responsibility, working upto 4 am in the morning, when we have been in our homes, some of us sleeping. So next time before you abuse him, do remember this.

RT @aey_its_bia: RT @aey_its_bia: Stop hating y'all as if mere kehne se milne wala hai