All deleted tweets from politicians

A proud Pakistani.Want Pakistan to prosper all round.Also feel Pashtuns in Pakistan&Afghanistan have been dealt a raw deal.The Pashtun belt must be developed

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@AmberRShamsi Guns of Navarone

RT @shams1919: RT @shams1919: Salute u daughters of the Great Motherland…

RT @omar_quraishi: On June 23 I had posted a detailed thread about how a private entity by the name of 'Digital Pakistan Foundation' had been set up literally a few days before the SAPM Digital Pakistan was notified - the SAPM herself is chairperson of this pvt entity and ...

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@bismeen1 @IffatHasanRizvi @dw_urdu @iffat What u said my belief in #PakistaniSilentMajorify which is the real Pakistan gets stronger.Pakistan’s real talent has never been tested in the field of governance.Never ever-not for a moment and not as a whole where it may have asserted itself from the campaign to attaining power

@IzharKh52054913 @arsched Seeing your DP making yet another later days unrepresentative ruler I am quite sure you may not agree. But that is the real truth. Rest, as they say, is just commentary

@afiasalam I believe in the REAL Pakistan which lies in the #PakistaniSilentMajority

Can anyone here confirm this news? The video seems authentic enough

One of the top airlines for over 70 years,namely, British Airways also saying Good Bye to the world.