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RT @hsawan: پاکستان کا میڈیا ہمیشہ سے ہی سیاسی, فوجی, مذہبی ,عدالتی اور غیر ملکی قوتوں کا دلال رھا ہے ۔ آج مستونگ کے ایک سو چھ سے زائد شہدا پر بات کرنے کی بجائے گھٹیا سیآست بھونکتا رہا ۔ #Pakistan #Balochistan #Mastung #MastungBlast

RT @HNadim87: RT @HNadim87: It's probably good. Better to not politicize the #Afghanistan peace process…

RT @HNadim87: Few months back In DC I mentioned that China was interested to bring Afg under OBOR, senior 'experts' thought it was wishful thinking…

RT @HNadim87: Great time to be an expert on #Ahmadis ..watching all these analysis makes me wonder if people are advocating Ahmadi rights or peddling their own political agendas on our already broken backs! Show solidarity with us for us - not for your political point scoring.

RT @ChAmirZkhan: An uncomfortable fact:- Most people in my age group were old enough to rem the coup carried out by @P_Musharraf. Most of them were cheering for the dictator then, and they soured on him later on and suddenly remembered that he abrogated the const. That’s all. #MusharafVerdict

RT @SabaImtiaz: RT @SabaImtiaz: na sharam, na nidamat, na afsos. the cruelty is always the point.

RT @LawrenceSellin: "India is viewed favorably by many Afghans as the enemy of their enemy." One question is why did the US not follow India's example & strike Taliban safe havens & infrastructure in Pakistan from which the attacks on Afghanistan & US/NATO forces originate?

RT @Imohdfaisal: میئر کراچی وسیم اختر کو عباسی شہید آنا مہنگا پڑ گیا ڈاکٹروں کا احتجاج ڈاکٹرز کا کہنا ہے جب تک ہمارے مطالبات پورے نہیں ہوں گے ہم میئر کو جانے نہیں دیں گے کوئی اللہ کا بندہ ایک لگا بھی دے مزہ آجاوے گا #CoronaInPakistan

RT @varungrover: "हम काग़ज़ नहीं दिखाएँगे।" Inspired by the spirit of every protestor and India-lover. With hat-tips to Rahat Indori saab and the Bangla slogans. (There is no copyright on these words - feel free to use them, adapt, sing, modify, create.)

RT @RashidAlKhayat: RT @RashidAlKhayat: I believe, it’s a duty of every civilised person to raise his/her voice against such crimes!