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RT @Alveenaagha: I'm Journalist/Anchor from Karachi I'm being harrased for doing my job I'm feeling extremely unsafe.I did investigative story 2years back now MAFIAS are giving me hard & soft pressure on this pls be my voice.I'm under30 yet but my ECG recently came abnormal because of over stress

RT @Harleen___2: I'm going to Pakistan on opening ceremony of Kartarpur Corridor dt 9 November, 2019. It will be my first visit to Pakistan. I'm thankful to all Pakistanies who are welcoming me. Love you Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.

RT @tequieremos: Thread: Book recommendations! International Relations: a. John Mearsheimer Tragedy of Great Power Politics Conventional Deterrence b. Stephen Walt Origins of Alliances Revolution and War c. Kenneth Waltz Man, the State and War Theory of IR

RT @ATDrDanishKSath: RT @ATDrDanishKSath: آج ہر عورت گھر سے باہر نکلنے سے ڈر رہی ہے اس واقعے کے بعد..جان اچکزئی #DrDanish #AbbTakkDrDanishKaySath…

RT @Ciw2020Khan: comes from a woman whose mother is the present federal minister in #PAK. These soul-selling, fake/false/fascist liberals are curse for the #Liberals’ cause

RT @Kashmirology: RT @Kashmirology: Just received free iftaari from a Pakistani restaurant after the owner came to know I'm a Kashmiri. ◽

RT @SirisnaJayasena: RT @SirisnaJayasena: My name is Sirisna Jayasena, I am from Sri Lanka and I #SupportKashmir

RT @Jan_Achakzai: Attack on @AsimSBajwa is motivated 2 stall #CPEC. Narrative is aimed 2 undermine his leadership. Since it is hybrid, propaganda is one lethal tool: attack the person, & set tight 2 see him defending himself. Classic political tactic we use all the time against political rivals.