All deleted tweets from politicians

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Interesting video. Does it make sense to you? Without strong army, Iraq, Syria, Lybia and now Palestinian suffering. What is your take?

So sad Pakistani opposition leader using an analogy of #Hitlar. Such extreme incitement will further radicalized the masses. Populism knows no limit. Condemn as Isreal as much as you want but invoking past will not resolve future.

RT @AllahGreatQuran: RT @AllahGreatQuran: When ALLAH says “YES” No one can say “NO”.

RT @David_Mulroney: On Eid-al-Fitr in Xinjiang, Chinese media show us happy, dancing Uyghurs, but prayer is forbidden, other religious practices banned, and the beloved custom of visits with friends, family outlawed…

RT @paulocoelho: RT @paulocoelho: Don’t allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not (Coelho, Aleph)

RT @asimnyazee: How can I miss greeting on your birthday my dear @arshad_Geo. We had so many things to discuss and plans to execute to make the life successful and even more beautiful, even knowing it was so fragile. That’s what we used to brainstorm every time we met. Happy birthday Arshad! RIP

RT @Sana_Jamal: 19-year-old Shehroze Kashif becomes youngest Pakistani to summit Mount Everest, world's highest peak. What an epic achievement!! Congratulations, Shehroze!! 🇵🇰

RT @SohailAzmie: I've been seeing many Indians responding to tweets on Kashmir by bringing Balochistan. This is a classic example of 'reductio ad absurdum', i.e., they prefer emotion over reason, reduction over logic and fiction over fact. Unbelievably, most of their elite is into it as well.

RT @Jan_Achakzai: حکومت نے حديبيہ پيپر ملز کی از سر نو تحقيقات کا فيصلہ کرليا۔ خبر 👉Celver move by govt 2 keep narrative focused on Opp & divert att. from governance challenges. 👉Opp is passive reacting only–no counter moves 👉#PTI has upper hand in narrative war currenty 👉FC's skills?