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Member Provincial Assembly Punjab PP152 Lahore. Trying to make a real difference in people's lives.

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RT @IYWPakistan: RT @IYWPakistan: Press conference by Opposition Leader Punjab at Pti Chairman Secretariat Lahore!……

RT @jaanamir7: RT @jaanamir7: Why not ? Ppl will come out inn shaa Allah but to celebrate shrexit ... @ImranKhanPTI @hinaparvezbutt @siasatpk https://t.c…

RT @DrMuradPTI: RT @DrMuradPTI: My video message regarding PMIU Tenders.

Murad Raas (pakistan) tweeted :

A few sections of employees means - not all but a few groups out of hundreds of thousands of employees of School Education Department. A few bad apples.

Murad Raas (pakistan) tweeted :

25th July 2018. First of all I thank Allah for all his blessings. Furthermore, my Great Team of PP159. I could not have been here without their tireless efforts.

RT @Punjab_Educato: گورنمنٹ ھائی سکول کوٹ رنجیت تحصیل شیخوپورہ۔ ہیڈماسٹر عبدالرحمن شاکر صاحب اور سکول سٹاف کی ذاتی توجہ اور دلچسپی کی بدولت ضلع کا خوبصورت تعلیمی ادارہ بن چکا ھے۔ @DrMuradPTI @SchoolEduPunjab @aasiyakagha @MashwaniAzhar

Murad Raas (pakistan) retweeted @mensoor :

RT @mensoor: Great, Allhamdolillah, standing with and for the people during times of need, trouble and stress earns you prayers. Prayers will always protect you InshAllah.

Murad Raas (pakistan) retweeted @mymaamer :

RT @mymaamer: RT @mymaamer: @HassanMuzammail @DrMuradPTI پوری پی ٹی آئی میں ایک واحد انسان ہیں یہ @DrMuradPTI جو کام کرتے ہیں

RT @DrMuradPTI: FAKE NEWS: No date has been Announced for opening of Schools in Punjab. What I have said is that if the Conditions of COVID 19 are manageable, only then we will try to open by August 15, 20 under very strict SOPs. I will not endanger the lives of our Children or our Teachers.

RT @CertifiedTrolll: RT @CertifiedTrolll: @DrMuradPTI حنا کیا آپ اس قرارداد کے حق میں ووٹ دو گی؟ @hinaparvezbutt