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Former Member of Parliament

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RT @UmraniiAsad: Organiser for #StudentsSolidarityMarch from Punjab University, has been expelled by administration. We Stand with Hussain Jameel.

RT @FATFNews: The FATF recognises progress made by Pakistan but is concerned about the failure to complete its action plan to reduce money laundering and terrorist financing risks. The #FATF strongly urges #Pakistan to complete its action plan. See more➡️ #FATFweek

RT @PuhtanaLema: زه ده لونګو ونه نه يم چې ګلونه نيسم پښتنه پيغله يم دښمن ته سنګرونه نيسم تاسو ته ډالئ @PuhtanaLema @sanaejaz2 @LaibaYousafzai2 @BushraGohar @IsmatShahjahan @zarmina_k #PashtunLongMarch2Bannu

RT @PuhtanaLema: Defending the wrong decisions of our leaders is actually the kind of slaves who deliberately commit crimes. These people are equal partners in their crimes. #ArmyAct @mjdawar @ManzoorPashteen @a_baitanai @a_siab @BushraGohar @GulBukhari

RT @mazdaki: #Feb21 1952 — The day when Pakistan army fired upon and killed East Pakistani students demonstrating for their right to learn and have Bengali as the official language. @UN designated it as the International #MotherLanguageDay

@faheem_wali Aghai pa da Pakhtu keyboard download kee laka staso. Wakeel saib taso kho khpala khabara pa #Pakhtu ka der kha type kirDa da...laka cha taso type kola shai kho leekala na shai.

RT @MiAnQalseR: The country’s first public sector bone marrow transplant centre has been established at the Lahore Children’s Hospital at a cost of Rs 260M

RT @ijazkhan: RT @ijazkhan: Neither see peace coming to Afghanistan soon, nor see US disentangling from the conflict

RT @eyeglide: @mazdaki @thewire_in "Pakistan is under virtual martial law, with Prime Minister Imran Khan merely serving as a civilian fig leaf under General Bajwa". Clarity & punch, the hallmarks of the write-up.

RT @GulBukhari: RT @GulBukhari: My persecution goes on and on 1/2