All deleted tweets from politicians

Former Member of Parliament

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RT @NasirYousafzai0: Listen to the killers of Shaheed Arif Wazir! Today, the spirits of Arif Wazir and martyrs were seen protesting all over the world. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people #PTMWorldwideProtests

RT @watan_jar_: Pak Army has asked the family of #HayatWazir of North Waziristan Khaisor to leave North Waziristan through a local Malakan. According to Hayat Wazir, they have been given a four-day respite. Where is constitution and law? @BushraGohar @sanaejaz2 @Gulalai_Ismail @Nargisafsheen99

RT @Bahar_220: RT @Bahar_220: جب جناح صاحب جو اس نظام کا قائداعظم تھا ہمیں انصاف نہ دے سکا تو اور کسی سے توقع رکھنا فضول ہی ہے #BabaraMassacre1948 @a_sia…

RT @Xadeejournalist: Panicked PIA CEO wrote a letter last month to US ambassador in Islamabad urging him not to ban PIA flights. Letter is addressed to 'Embassy of United States of Pakistan''

RT @sakinasamo: Lithuanian President, “I don’t think there is a necessity for a bridge – we communicate with the Americans on Twitter.” Classic! 👏😊😘…

RT @MajorPoonia: Tribute to Mirza Ghalib Sahab on his birth anniversary. Amazing shayar, genius - a legend beyond his own lifetime. #MirzaGhalib #Ghalib

RT @Andromeda_JY: Manzoor Pashteen lived his whole life in one of the most ignored, war torn regions in Pakistan. Yet he has more clarity in his thoughts, his views are more progressive than any other fellow countrymen in most privileged places. Amazing. #ManzoorPashteenOurHero

RT @Andromeda_JY: What has changed in 20 years really? Nothing. Army is still the most powerful player in country. Pakistanis are still struggling to make ends meet. Even Bangladesh has left us far behind. The only minor difference is, now they attack parliament via their puppets (Imran Khan)

RT @Andromeda_JY: @salmanAraja @BushraGohar Dont see any difference between him and Imran Khan. Imran also wants little girls to wear burqa, never passed a resolution for women. Treats women in his own life as mere sex objects. They both deserve each odr.

RT @Andromeda_JY: Ghafoora is releasing another item song for Kartarpur opening. Meanwhile, he is encouraging Kashmiri youth to fight and die while he is supporting them with his tweets (in terrible english).