All deleted tweets from politicians

Deputy Prime Minister, Leader of New Zealand First. #foreignaffairs #racing #stateownedenterprises Authorised by Winston Peters, Parliament Buildings

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RT @NZFirstNews: It’s all good and well doing a dance after we got there, but we fought hard beforehand to ensure we got to Level 1 yesterday #nzpol #level1

Winston Peters (nz-first) tweeted :

Here in Paeroa announcing another PGF project - Hauraki rail trail cruises...much needed jobs for our regions!

RT @NZFirstNews: RT @NZFirstNews: Tonight at 7pm NZT @winstonpeters will be live on @SkyNews on The Kenny Report. Tune in if you can #COVID19nz #Covid19ac…

RT @NZFirstNews: RT @NZFirstNews: Winston Peters: Border restrictions could be relaxed for 'trans-Tasman bubble' during pandemic…

RT @NZFirstNews: #covid19 It's more important than ever right now to support Kiwi business to help our economic recovery. While we're still under Level 4 restrictions, the easiest way to do this is to buy #NZownedNZmade when at the supermarket. 👇🛒

RT @NZFirstNews: COVID-19 week recap from @winstonpeters -9 day anniversary Level 4 lockdown -Overseas visitors will now be assisted to leave the country -Kiwis in Australia can now access job support payments #covid19 #coronavirusnz #NewZealandLockdown #nzpol

RT @NZFirstNews: Having to self-isolate doesn't necessarily mean being locked indoors. You may go for a walk or exercise or hunt the roar, but keep a 2 metre distance from people at all times.

Winston Peters (nz-first) tweeted :

Simon Bridges says the prisoner voting law is “a question of values”. So Phil Quin had to show the National government in 2010 which values?

Winston Peters (nz-first) tweeted :

With the graduation of another 59 new constables, the Coalition Government has today delivered on its commitment to adding 1800 new Police officers to the force.

RT @ZeePunjabHH: RT @ZeePunjabHH: विदेश मंत्री एस जयशंकर ने बैंकॉक में न्यूजीलैंड के विदेश मंत्री विंस्टन पीटर्स से मुलाकात की