All deleted tweets from politicians

New Zealand First MP. Authorised by Tracey Martin, Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

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RT @alex_penk: RT @alex_penk: Great debate last night. Thanks to @CarmelSepuloni @EugenieSage @PupukeSpice @TraceyMartinMP and Andrew Bayly.…

@GarryBrown @dpfdpf Yes to the first part but as I have intimate knowledge of the NZFF I cannot respond to the second part.

RT @RNZTeAoMaori: Jacinda Ardern has gone out on a waka hauroa for the first time. The waka she is on is named “whānau moana” and has only women on it. She was given a quick briefing beforehand by one of the of kaihoe. “I’ll do my best. But I may be slightly out of time”, she said.

@realmikepulman @TrishGrantNZ @IHC_New_Zealand @chrishipkins Unfortunately to tell you know would breech Cabinet trikes and I would lose my job - then I wiuld be no use to you at all. And they haven’t heard it from me before - just saying.

RT @jaimebelsar: Mōrena! Back at day two of #EdConvo18 So many positive conversations happening. I’m excited for the future of education in NZ!

RT @SpinoffParents: RT @SpinoffParents: Can we stop the leading cause of maternal death in New Zealand? asks @EmilyWritesNZ…

RT @yorkstblues: RT @yorkstblues: @adwalks87 @dbseymour @BreakfastonOne @TraceyMartinMP A mechanic today 8 weeks later they can teach dentistry...

RT @yorkstblues: RT @yorkstblues: @adwalks87 @dbseymour @BreakfastonOne @TraceyMartinMP looking forward to this model been rolled out to other trades..

RT @yorkstblues: RT @yorkstblues: @dbseymour @adwalks87 @BreakfastonOne @TraceyMartinMP no im showing what bullshit looks like dressed up as policy..