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MP for Churchill-Keewatinook Aski. NDP Critic for Jobs, Employment and Workforce Development. Millennial. Feminist. Northerner.

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RT @VanithaEthiraju: Suleman discussing the pathetic working conditions at Trump Hotel in Toronto @realDonaldTrump @UNITEHERE75 @MattDube #yws2016

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RT @LeahGazan: RT @LeahGazan: #Disband the RCMP

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RT @cblackst: RT @cblackst: How can Canada say this when one of the top recommendations to prevent COVID is washing your hands?

Niki Ashton (NDP) tweeted :

1 year since I was reelected & while much has changed, the fights continue. I'll always stand up against Libs & Cons more concerned w helping their rich friends than everyone else. If you're in a position to do so, please help me get ready for the next 1…

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RT @mjaxon: RT @mjaxon: @nikiashton @rachelnotley Nice new addition to my garage collection of winners #ndpwinners #ndp hq

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RT @JD_Hutton: Will the #NDP lead by campaigning for free tuition, or get outflanked by gimmicks again? Debt-ridden students depend on their answer at their convention. Check out my article here:… #cdnpse #cdnpoli #npd #FreeTuition #gratuitescolaire @theJagmeetSingh

Niki Ashton (NDP) replied to @nikiashton :

And we commit today and every day to opposing in solidarity the racism, chronic underfunding and injustice that First Nations children and communities still face every day. We make it clear that every child matters. #EveryChildMatters

Niki Ashton (NDP) tweeted :

Today on Orange Shirt Day, we honour Residential School Survivors across our North and the country. We honour the memory of the children who never made it back. We make it clear that Canada engaged in genocide.

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RT @rjjago: Correction - there are 9 Indigenous people who've been killed since the pandemic started. Making the police half again as deadly as COVID:…